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Musical Notes: Uprising (Muse)

Wow, another week is over. And with that, here’s one of my favourite pieces…it has a wonderful sound…and the lyrics…well, we won’t go into them today. But, Muse, starting out as three kids trying to keep out of trouble, is always worth listening to. Here Uprising…

Have an awesome start to the weekend…

(oh, the music video might be a bit too creepy for some…maybe just listen)


Cameron Carpenter…modern organist of note

I love to play Bach. His piano works are absolutely wonderful but pulling out all the stops on the organ used to give me such a power kick. Such an amazing feeling. And I often miss giving my fingers and feet a good workout on my favourite instrument. I haven’t played in years but when I did I used to get such joy out of adding a modern slant to the pieces. I don’t really have a chance to play at the moment, listening to Cameron Carpenter is the next best option. Having recently seen him in live action at the KKL Luzern, I was just blown away by this wonderful artist and his international touring organ. Oh what a performance he gave. (Get rid of any preconceived ideas of boring organ music)

Marshall&Ogletree opus 8 - molto dramatico

Bach’s Goldberg Variations (BWV 988) had each of the 30 variations presented with a unique Carpenter-spin on it. Well, many might not appreciate this as a number of “purists” walked out fairly early on. What a pity. Isn’t art about personal interpretation? Anyway…each to their own. After interval, followed a contrasting Symphony Nr 2 (Romantic) by Howard Hanson and arranged for organ by Cameron Carpenter. It was so vivid that one could picture a movie unfold in the mind. Just stunning! I wish it hadn’t ended.

Well…here one of my favourite pieces by my favourite organist, albeit not what I heard at the KKL or on the touring organ…but hey… (turn up the volume to the full!):

Oh well…addendum…just found this performed on the touring organ…sigh…wonderful:

Beautifully haunting…

La Nuit de la Saint Barthélémy. I was first introduced to parts of this piece through my review of La Reine Margot (here). I’ve now heard it in its wonderful entirety. There’s this beautiful surreal feel to it. Just stunning. Composed by Goran Bregović, the music to this film was apparently the reason for entry to the Cannes Film Festival. I absolutely love the combination of sounds and, dare I say, effects. And some of those chord progressions…! With that underlying relentlessness… ah, have a listen – it will be better than I can explain…


Brilliant…The Last of Sheila

Last_Of_Sheila_(movie)I’d forgotten the sheer brilliance of The Last of Sheila (1973). Or rather, I think when I watched it last, as an early teen, I didn’t appreciate it. Or maybe, it was just that on the Super 8 reels my parents used to own, the sound wasn’t clear and I missed half the dialogue. Irrelevant…what’s important is now…how excellent it is. And how wonderful it is to re-watch after soooo many years…and only remembering who did it at the moment the culprit is revealed (again).

The opening scene, set by that perfect, almost stereotypical mystery music, has Sheila running from a party to be hit (and run) by an out-of-control car not a few minutes later. Fast forward a year to 6 guests, invited by Clinton (Sheila’s husband, played by James Coburn), onto his yacht for a few days of time out and with a mystery game. These 6 guests were all present at the party the night Sheila was killed. And Clinton’s game isn’t really a game…it hits all too close with those supposedly random secrets he allocates to each person (at his insistence that it is just fun). When things go wrong, as they usually do, the whole thing unravels…or, comes together.

the-last-of-sheila1973-lobby-card-3I must say, to come up with such a clever story requires close on genius. Every action, every line of dialogue is critical to the story. You won’t notice many of the things on first viewing but on round two (or more), you’ll discover just how it all fits perfectly right in front of your eyes…with you barely noticing. Ultimately you’ll have it spelt out for you and you’ll go “ah, of course” or “duh, so obvious”. Followed by Clinton’s response to “I like any game where you don’t have to move” of “Well, you don’t have to for this one…if you’re smart enough”…little do you realise just how true it is. It is all right there in front of you…if you’re smart enough.

Now, I won’t go into many more details because this is one you just have to watch. At least twice. I’d hate to spoil anything upfront because anything I say will give it away.

Directed by Oscar nominee Herbert Ross, and written by Oscar winner Stephen Sondheim and nominee Anthony Perkins…the stars are of course James Coburn with Raquel Welch, James Mason, Ian McShane, Richard Benjamin, Dyan Cannon and Joan Hackett as his 6 suspects friends…well, probably not suspects as I think he knows all along who the killer is.

Here’s the trailer:



And for some more mysteries…head on over to Pop Culture Reverie (here) for the Mystery Mania Blogathon.



Awesome Piece of Music – from the Slow West Trailer

So…how cool is this piece of music I stumbled over last night while giving the trailer of one of my favourite westerns, Slow West (2015), a watch…

Have a listen here –  this song (Come Alive by Hanni El Khatib) just rocks! It works so nicely in the trailer (further down).

If you haven’t seen this one, oh boy, give it a go…

Ahhh, what a movie. Refreshing. Brilliant. I was glued from beginning to end. Acting, cinematography, music…everything just right. Once again, a moderate-paced western (seems to be the trend these days) but not for a moment did Slow West ever feel slow. Jay Cavendish (Kodi Smit-McPhee) comes to America from Scotland to find his true love. Having managed on his own so far yet still “wet behind the ears” he comes across Silas Selleck (Michael Fassbender) (or, maybe it is Silas who comes across Jay), an outlaw, who so kindly offers to guide him across the dangerous country (naturally there are ulterior motives). Well, they encounter some interesting characters and things are, obviously, not what the seem. I did not see the ending of this one coming. Definitely one for the collection. Here’s the trailer to give you an idea…Michael Fassbender brilliant as ever. As is Ben Mendelsohn.

Musical Notes: Take a Bow (Cherry Pill)

It’s about time I send something musical your way that is very close to me. With an awesome sound like this…something unique and different…you can’t say I’m biased just because these two are very close friends of mine. “Roar” and “K”, love your sound. Love your music. Miss you guys.

Enjoy…Take a Bow…