In a Nutshell: Paris can Wait (2016)

Paris can Wait, aka Bonjour Anne, is a leisurely road-trip from Southern France to Paris. I can’t help but almost get that Tour de France feel where we’re given wonderful insight into the places of interest along the way.

Successful film producer Michael (Alec Baldwin) is so focused on work that he neglects his wife Anne (Diane Lane) and their promised holiday. Due to ear problems, Anne can’t fly to Budapest with Michael and instead, decides to meet him in Paris. Business partner Jacques (Arnaud Viard) offers to drive her as he’s heading that way too. But, instead of a quick drive, they meander from town to town, stopping to taste the cuisine and visit sites along the way.

Sweet, fun and reminding you of what’s important in life, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Directed by Eleanor Coppola, it brings a subtle reminder to take a step back from the hectic day-to-day life.

Bond. James Bond…

Ah, finally, a reason to write about Daniel Craig‘s blue swimming trunks role as James Bond. In my favourite one of the lot…Casino Royale (2006). I know die-hard fans don’t like the latest rendition of 007 but for me, he’s given the Bond movies a lift. I’ve enjoyed 3 of the 4 he’s been in but Casino Royale is my favourite. And it doesn’t have only to do with the actor in question. I feel the latest Bond movies have a different “feel” to those that came before. To be honest, I quite like this “feel”. They come across more realistic. More believable. But then I’m no Bond expert.

The story takes place during Bond‘s early days as an agent and has him trying to take down Le Chiffre (played by wonderful Mads Mikkelsen) during a high stakes poker game at Casino Royale, Montenegro. Of course there are events leading up to this tournament. As well as resulting events (one of which is Bond falling for Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), the treasury employee providing the finances for the poker game). But, as is to be expected, things are not what the seem.  We’d have no story otherwise, would we?

Casino Royale had me hooked from the opening with the Chris Cornell piece “You Know my Name” (if you haven’t heard it yet, listen to the version featured in the movie – it is slightly different to that found on the single/album. Actually, scratch that, both versions are great (click here to have a listen)). Oh, and that chase scene in Madagascar must be one of the best. Accompanied by the perfect music which I listen to fairly often. If you aren’t engrossed by this stage…

Mads Mikkelsen makes for a great blood-crying villain financing terrorists (actually, he’s great in any role). I’ve just read that it is a genuine condition called Haemolacria where tears may be blood-tinged. Le Chiffre even states that it isn’t witchcraft when a business associate is a bit creeped out.

This has got to be my favourite scene (well, after the swimming costume scene…oh gosh, did I type that aloud?):

Just look at him. There’s a special tenderness that Bond shows here. A never-to-be-repeated moment. I’m convinced he genuinely feels for her here. Well, part of the Bond‘s story is that he’s still a young agent, vulnerable to his feelings which, from here on out, will never be the same.

On a totally different, more personal tangent…there’s something else about this movie. There have only been 8 movies I’ve watched (from what I can remember) that have had me emotionally hooked. I can’t explain…other than: after watching these, I’ve had my head in the clouds, had the scenes go over and over in my head as I fall asleep at night, had this strange feeling of almost having lived the story, a dazed feeling that won’t repeat on second watching. Crazy, right? I can’t say why or what but they just resonate so deeply. They trigger something. And no…it has nothing to do with the leading men. It doesn’t even come down to the romance or drama genre. It is totally random. Casino Royale is one of these 8. There’s nothing that stands out for me as a reason why. In fact, I can’t imagine a movie like this having such a profound, inexplicable effect on me but it does. Yes, yes…I’m a total nutter.

Casino Royale is directed by Martin Campbell and also stars, amongst others,  Judi Dench, Jeffrey Wright, Giancarlo Giannini, Tobias Menzies (you’ll recognise him from Rome), Simon Abkarian, Jesper Christensen and many more.

For some more 007 posts head on over to Maddylovesherclassicfilms. And for my addendum to this post…go here.

Round 2 of not so popular popular (Unpopular Opinion Tag)

Richard over at The Humpo Show originally tagged me and I gave my contribution here. But, Realweegiemidget, who’d also been tagged, and who’s my other quirky cat partner in crime re-tagged me (Realweegiemidget, herewith you a tagged back and somehow I recall using “nix” way back in school days to block from being tagged back immediately…so “nix”… 🙂 ).

Here are my next three movies that everyone liked but I didn’t (after this I’m back to positive reviews). Once again…you’ll probably be shocked and unfollow me…but…boohooo, I’ll survive…sob, sob… 😀

Good Will Hunting. I can’t remember this one too well. What I do remember is rushing out to see it because everyone went on about the brilliance of it. And thinking it didn’t make such an impression and had more “f” words than dialogue. But that’s me. And maybe it warrants a re-watch.

The Sixth Sense. Another one that everyone goes on about what a great movie it is. I didn’t think it that good. But then, maybe it had something to do with some fool telling me the “punchline” before I’d seen it. In all likelihood, that’s what ruined it for me.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? This seems to have been quite well received but I just didn’t enjoy this one. It is one of the few movies I’ve actually stopped watching – usually I’ll sit through to the end but sorry, I just couldn’t here.

So, of course Realweegiemidget is tagged (and can’t tag me back)…but, here are a few more…

Fiction Fan, I hope you can be my friend again after having shocked you with my previous list (hee, hee). I suspect this list will have you shaking your head once more though 😉 I know you focus on books so no pressure to do this.

Anybody Got a Match?

Mettel Ray

Tranquil Dreams

pure entertainment preservation society (you and your sister are now both “officially” tagged)

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Not so popular popular (Unpopular Opinion Tag)

There are always those “popular” movies that everyone raves about but that just don’t gel with me. Imagine everyone had the same likes and dislikes.

Richard over at The Humpo Show tagged me and I enjoy these things so…why not? Thanks Richard! Your tag is much appreciated.

And, without further ado (be warned though…you might just want to unfollow me or throttle me or shake your head in disgust)….here are the three movies that I really don’t like despite popular opinions.

Immediately to mind comes this one:

No Country for Old Men. I’m sorry but I absolutely HATE this movie. I know, I know…hate is a very strong word but in this case…I HATE it! It is sooooo disturbing. It ends off with this feeling of hopelessness. I know that is often reality but the reason I watch movies is for escapism and there needs to be a glimmer of hope. I never got that from this one.

The other one that was all hyped up and just left me feeling down:

Up. I’m sorry…go ahead, unfollow me if you want. The opening few minutes were cute and then I was sad for the rest of the story. And despondent. And wondered why such a depressing movie was made. Definitely not one for kids. But that’s just how I feel.

And finally….

Gone with the Wind. This is based purely on my memories of watching it years and years ago. I can’t tell you what I didn’t like or why, but I remember being all excited to watch it and then….disappointed. I recall hoping for a happy end which I don’t think ever came. Ok, maybe I’ve forgotten how it all pans out. Maybe if I watch it now (yeah, right, like that’s going to happen) I’ll take a more mature view on it and enjoy it….hmmm….

The blogs I’ll tag for this one are, in no particular order (see the rules further down):

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1 – Pick 3 films that are well liked by most people, except you!

2 – Tag 5 or more people to get involved.

3 – Thank the person that tagged you. 🙂

Escape to Victory (2 Reel Quirky Cats July (P)review)

(A Random Trailer (P)review)


I’d never heard of this one before (oh, how I love the world of blogging…so many movies to keep that To Watch list growing by about 10 for every 1 I manage to watch. Yes…I’m looking at you Realweegiemidget, amongst others).

And wow…Sylvester Stallone was that young? Michael Caine too (the voice has never changed…recognisable anywhere of course). And Max von Sydow.

So, here’s the trailer for Escape to Victory (1981) aka Victory:

“Well you must realise, it’s my busy time. Everybody wants to escape in the good weather”. Perfect hook – it got me right away. Sets the scene perfectly and with no further convincing I going to watch this one.

The story? From what I can make out, a group of POWs want to escape (who doesn’t?) and their planned way out is through a most unexpected manner – a soccer match against the Germans. I’m guessing that because it is meant to be a propaganda show in favour of the Germans there’s no way this will be the case. I’ll have to watch and find out though…

Another trailer that appears to do a great job of not giving away the good parts or the whole story – so I hope. It leaves me wanting to find out exactly how this is all going to go down. As for Stallone, I’d forgotten about his looks back in the Rocky days. I quite enjoy the role he has in Escape to Victory (from the snippets that are shown). I’m hoping this is the case. I did do a little reading and discovered that a whole lot of professional and semi-professional soccer players feature too. I’ve also read that Kevin Beattie “plays” Michael Caine‘s legs because of the latter struggling to run.

cropped-cat2Realweegiemidget has watched this one so head over to her place here for a more comprehensive review. We’ll be on Twitter for a chit-chat later today too (@2ReelQuirkyCats).

Oh…I nearly forgot…it is a new theme so we have a new poll…here you go – vote for the one we should review next:


Ironclad…brutal but good…

Having just written about George and the Dragon (here) with James Purefoy, I was in the mood to watch another Templar role of his but this time a more serious one. Ironclad (2011).

Shortly after the signing of the Magna Carta, King John (Paul Giamatti), aided by Danish mercenaries, sets out to restore his absolute reign and dispose of those barons who had signed the document. For strategic purposes, he heads for Rochester Castle. Through as series of events, Templar Thomas Marshall (James Purefoy) with the support of Archbishop Langton (Charles Dance) and Baron William d’Aubigny (Brian Cox) gather a group of men to put a stop to the tyrannical king. So the fight to keep Rochester Castle from falling to King John commences. And what a gory and bloody fight it is. If you’re squeamish, give this one a miss. Lots of decapitation and limbs being hacked off. Make no mistake – this one is brutal and violent.

While not historically accurate, similar events did take place. That aside, I still find Ironclad good and watch it when I’m in the mood for something “less light”. It also triggered me to go research the real events that took place.

As always, I enjoy James Purefoy and he suits these type of roles. As a character, underneath all the toughness he is brave and human. He doesn’t just drop his Templar vows and fall for the temptations of Lady Isabel (Kate Mara) but gradually lets go of his past giving him so much more depth. Their developing relationship is perfectly understated (yes, I’m a sucker for romance in these kind of movies). If you haven’t seen Mackenzie Crook in a more serious role (you’ll probably know him from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise), you’ll be surprised here. I thoroughly enjoy his screen presence (he’s also wonderful in the series that was cancelled way too soon Almost Human). Other faces you’ll recognise are Jason Flemyng, Derek Jacobi, Jamie Foreman, Rhys Parry Jones, Aneurin Barnard, Annabelle Apsion and Vladimir Kulich.

So, if you’re in the mood for something heavier have a look out for Ironclad.