Musical Notes: A Life Divided

One of the bands I find myself listening to quite often…A Life Divided. Here’s some mellow-ish (or maybe not) music for this Thursday. Hope you enjoy!

Oh…they do a really great rendition of Alphaville‘s Sounds Like a Melody. And The Last Dance is pretty darn good too. In fact, this is a band where pretty much all tracks on the CDs are good – none get the “skip” treatment when they come on. Their “latest” (2015) album is Human. Before that came The Great Escape (2013) and before that, Passenger (2010). I reviewed The Great Escape some time back but here it is again…Music Worth Mentioning

šŸŽµHappy ListeningšŸŽµ

Doesn’t Count


My Apology



Musical Notes: Pretender (Foo Fighters)

Some music for this Friday. Have a wonderful weekend.

I was first “attracted” to this piece not by the song (which I think is pretty cool) but by the awesome music video. Not sure why, but there’s just something about that “water explosion” (3.28) …watch and enjoy.