Musical Notes: I Want to be Evil (Eartha Kitt)

I was first introduced to a cover of this song in the movie The Truth About Love but the original is absolutely wonderful. And what a delight to watch Eartha Kitt try to convince us that as much as she says she wants to do all the evil things, we know she’s a good girl…I love this video of one of 6 of her US Top 30 hits. I’m sure some of us have had a moment, or two, where we’d wish we could be just a tad “bad”…but not really…if you know what I mean…



Musical Notes: The Ballad of Lefty Brown (Maiah Wynne)

Great music is discovered in the most unexpected of places. Maiah Wynne is one of my latest findings…at the end of movie The Ballad of Lefty Brown…right there where the credits roll. The lamenting ballad hooked my straight away. That’s good music for you…

So, here is my newly discovered musician with titular song:

But don’t stop here…go see what else she has. Love her other piece The Devil in Disguise.

An excellent evening with Dada (Ante Portas)…

…ah, wow…that was so awesome! Such a fabulous concert. Don’t you just love those small, cosy venues? Those where you feel a band is playing just for you and a select few?

Oh man…it took forever for Sunday night to arrive (and funnily enough, it went past way to fast)…my tickets for “An evening with Dada” were fiiiiiiiinally valid. Whew…what a wait. For a band that I’d only recently discovered but who have been around for 22 years. How do I know this (aside from Googling)? Well…they told us…

…in this very unique evening. The band chatted and played us through their timeline. How they met (school sandpits are wonderfully social), how they thought they’d never get far at a band competition where everyone but them had “soundchecks” (along with lots of important looking pre-performance checks), the confusion between “Holland” and “Roland” (yes, a voucher for (to) Holland would have been awesome), personal space on stage in other countries and so much more. I had a big grin on my face from start to finish – it was sheer fun listening to their stories and music (acoustic). Gosh, did we all have a good laugh. And it all came across so natural. Perfect. No other words needed.

We were about 180 people (those few empty seats missed out big time) and had a vibe and atmosphere like no other. I’d say it will be a long time until I experience another concert (is this really a concert?) on this “niveau”. If at all, actually. There was something so special and so unique that repeated by someone else just won’t be the same.

If you get the chance to watch these guys – don’t hesitate, just go for it!

Musical Notes: Unvollständigkeit (Einstürzende Neubauten)

A band I haven’t listen to for quite a while…Einstürzende Neubauten. Translated…Collapsing New Buildings. This West Berlin formed (1980) band tend to use instruments made of scrap and tools as well as various noises which they then blend in with standard instruments. Having said this, you’ll need to “sift” through their works to find something you like. While everything is interesting in its own right, not everything is “listenable” in the traditional sense.


Enjoy! Have Fun! (sorry, sound only – no real video…but then, we’re here for the music, aren’t we?). The best thing is to continue once it is over and see what they’ve got…some weird, some wacky and some really nice…

And for the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds fans, Blixa Bargeld of Einstürzende Neubauten once played with the Seeds.

Passionate Piano – Mein Herz Brennt…

Don’t look at the grotesque video yet…read first 😀 .

I’m on a bit of a rock-musicians-gone-classical-ish roll at the moment. Back in 2001, Rammstein released their third album Mutter on which there was Mein Herz Brennt. All-in-all, not too shabby. BUT…then came 2012 and a Piano version was released. And my oh my…what a piece it is. I think it almost more passionate than the ‘band’ version. I appreciate the tender, light sections which move on to the “Rachmanninov’y” type bits. Great listening (I just want to turn it up full volume and sing along with the “big” sections) with Til Lindemann‘s deep raspy voice bringing an interesting slant to an otherwise “classical” sounding piano piece.

So ignore the visuals on the official video below, click play, close your eyes and just listen. You’ll be amazed at what you hear:



Easing into the weekend with Dada Ante Portas…

…one of my latest discoveries (ah, that special feeling of “finding” new bands). Can’t remember how I came across them but am really enjoying their sound. Love the harmonies and modulations they use. The vibe they get across is chilled yet up-beat. And I just can’t get the songs out of my mind.

These Luzerners do a damn fine job! Freue mich eu im November gseh!

Here you go…enjoy this Friday evening:


Musical Notes: The Phantom of the Opera (Prague Cello Quartet)

Oooh….I think I’ve found something…just wait…let me check it out…oh yes..amazing what fantastic music is out there.

Here’s an awesome interpretation of The Phantom of the Opera by the Prague Cello Quartet. Really enjoy their interpretation of this popular piece. And the setting really adds great atmosphere. Really beautiful…

I’ve also found some other wonderful pieces by them. Go check them out…I’ll definitely be listening to more of these musicians.