Easing into the weekend with Dada Ante Portas…

…one of my latest discoveries (ah, that special feeling of “finding” new bands). Can’t remember how I came across them but am really enjoying their sound. Love the harmonies and modulations they use. The vibe they get across is chilled yet up-beat. And I just can’t get the songs out of my mind.

These Luzerners do a damn fine job! Freue mich eu im November gseh!

Here you go…enjoy this Friday evening:



Musical Notes: The Phantom of the Opera (Prague Cello Quartet)

Oooh….I think I’ve found something…just wait…let me check it out…oh yes..amazing what fantastic music is out there.

Here’s an awesome interpretation of The Phantom of the Opera by the Prague Cello Quartet. Really enjoy their interpretation of this popular piece. And the setting really adds great atmosphere. Really beautiful…

I’ve also found some other wonderful pieces by them. Go check them out…I’ll definitely be listening to more of these musicians.



Musical Notes: Love is a Stranger (Eurythmics)

Friday……and already halfway through January. So…I’ve decided to share one of my favourites. Been on my list ever since I can remember. I remember being introduced to this through my father’s massive record collection waaaaay back when I was a youngster. Listening to it brings back all sorts of wonderful memories – of family, my youth and all sorts.

Enjoy! And have an awesome weekend. Here is Love is a Stranger by Eurythmics.

The above is not my video. I have no claims to it at all.

Musical Notes: Love Runs Out (OneRepublic)

Wow…another Friday. The last one of the year. Where did 2017 go??? Anyway, to end off the week, I’m giving you a song that only recently caught my attention (yes, yes, where have I been?). It is not often that I hear something on the radio and actually listen to it. This comes from a band that I knew existed (and probably will recognise some of their other pieces if I heard them) but never really took much notice of.

Here it is…Love Runs Out by OneRepublic (hope I’m writing that correctly):

Of course I’m not the owner or uploader of the clip above.

Musical Notes: Lost in a Heartbeat with Lord of the Lost

Friday again? Time for some music. I always enjoy rock musicians incorporating a “classical” feel into their works. Here is German band Lord of the Lost with Lost in a Heartbeat. Their Swan Songs album is well worth listening to…a classical sounding and acoustic album. It is wonderful listening to some of their original pieces from a different musical angle. Great work!