Musical Notes: Love is a Stranger (Eurythmics)

Friday……and already halfway through January. So…I’ve decided to share one of my favourites. Been on my list ever since I can remember. I remember being introduced to this through my father’s massive record collection waaaaay back when I was a youngster. Listening to it brings back all sorts of wonderful memories – of family, my youth and all sorts.

Enjoy! And have an awesome weekend. Here is Love is a Stranger by Eurythmics.

The above is not my video. I have no claims to it at all.


Musical Notes: Love Runs Out (OneRepublic)

Wow…another Friday. The last one of the year. Where did 2017 go??? Anyway, to end off the week, I’m giving you a song that only recently caught my attention (yes, yes, where have I been?). It is not often that I hear something on the radio and actually listen to it. This comes from a band that I knew existed (and probably will recognise some of their other pieces if I heard them) but never really took much notice of.

Here it is…Love Runs Out by OneRepublic (hope I’m writing that correctly):

Of course I’m not the owner or uploader of the clip above.

Musical Notes: Lost in a Heartbeat with Lord of the Lost

Friday again? Time for some music. I always enjoy rock musicians incorporating a “classical” feel into their works. Here is German band Lord of the Lost with Lost in a Heartbeat. Their Swan Songs album is well worth listening to…a classical sounding and acoustic album. It is wonderful listening to some of their original pieces from a different musical angle. Great work!


Musical Notes: Nah Neh Nah (Vaya Con Dios)

Wow, another Friday has arrived and this piece sets the mood for the weekend nicely.

Vaya Con Dios, despite sounding like they could be a Spanish band, were actually a Belgian band. Having officially disbanded in 2014, most of us probably associate singer Dani Klein as Vaya Con Dios.

Nah Neh Nah never fails to give me a great feeling.