Now for the last few entries of the Now (and Then) Blogathon…

With the Now and Then Blogathon officially over, we’ve still had some posts coming in. No problem…life happens after all. So, keep coming back to this page to see additional Now entries with the Then ones over here co-hosted by Realweegiemidget Reviews…alternatively click the links below for the various posts.

Diary of a Movie Maniac tackles two oldies…and still more than a 20 year gap. Here‘s from the year 1959 as the Now entry is The Bat.


Pure Entertainment Preservation Society gives us a James Cagney in Mister Roberts. A huge apology for missing your post…it hid itself in my Spam folder.

Mister Roberts

Looking back…here are the Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 Now entries. And don’t forget to pop past Realweegiemidget Reviews (there’s a link on each of my day links above to keep things easy) for the corresponding Then entries.



Now that’s a wrap (almost) of the Now (and Then) Blogathon…

Fours days of Now and Then Blogathon have already flown by. Thanks so much for everyone who participated. It has been great fun. I’m listing all the Now entries below and they’ll all have a corresponding Then entry here over at Realweegiemidget Reviews…alternatively click the links below for the various posts.

VinnieP reviews The Stud right here. That’s his Now entry for Joan Collins.


Now we head on for some Christopher Lee in The Resident with Cinematic Catharsis right over here.


With one of his favourites (if not THE favourite), here‘s a post on Titanic by Movierob.


And closing off the day (we’ll add some late entries tomorrow or so), another one right here from Movierob. The Jackal it is.


Thanks so much for all of you who participated, read, commented on or simply liked the posts. It is greatly appreciated. To my co-host, Realweegiemidget Reviews, a thank you and another thank you for your patience with me while I’ve been juggling everything.

Now, now, we’re on day 3 of the Now (and Then) Blogathon…

Wow, things are flying past so quickly…and another day of entries is almost over. Our Now and Then Blogathon has been fantastic. Once again, I’m listing all the Now entries below and they’ll all have a corresponding Then entry here over at Realweegiemidget Reviews…alternatively click the links below for the various posts.

My co-host Realweegiemidget Reviews gives us one of her favourite actors, Michael Caine, in Interstellar right here.


Moon in Gemini picks my favourite Genre and has a look at the remake of a classic over here…being The Magnificent Seven.


Robert Redford is Crítica Retrô‘s choice in Our Souls at Night which she reviews over here

Our Souls at Night

Join us again tomorrow for the 4th and final day. If you want to you can still join in. Check out the original announcement by clicking the banner below:



Now then…let’s see what we have Now…day 2 of the Now (and Then) Blogathon

Wow…day two is already here with the Now and Then Blogathon. As per yesterday I’m listing all the Now entries below and they’ll all have a corresponding Then entry here over at Realweegiemidget Reviews…alternatively click the links below for the various posts.

Co-Host Realweegiemidget Reviews presents Robert Downey Jr in Captain America: Civil War right here.


The Humpo Show tackles an iconic reboot with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull here.


Movie Reviews from the Dark greets us from the darkness (here) with The Killing of a Sacred Deer.


Cinematic Scribblings gives us an interesting view of Louis XIV right here with The Death of Louis XIV.


Old School Evil gives us his dreaded review of Transformers: The Last Knight here and hurries back to watch the first one…



Once again, the wonderful entries keep coming in. We’ll be back tomorrow for day 3. And if you’re still keen to join, click the banner below for the original announcement.


Now…for some 1st day entries….in the Now (and Then) Blogathon

So, we’ve had a wonderful first day of Now (and Then) posts (because that’s what we wanted…the Now and the Then of movies, series, actors, actresses, directors, anything. As long as there was a minimum of 20 years gap between the selections.) I’m listing all the Now entries below and they’ll all have a corresponding Then entry here over at Realweegiemidget Reviews…alternatively click the links below for the various posts.

Movie Movie Blog Blog gives us some Charlie Chaplin A Countess from Hong Kong over here.


And Glenn’s Movie Mumblings gives us a recent Tom Hanks role in Sully right over here.sully-dvd-cover-30

The iconic Karate Kid is revisited in the 2010 remake reviewed over here by Movie Reviews 101.


What the Craggus Saw brings Leslie Nielsen to the party with The Naked Gun: From The Files Of Police Squad! over here.



With exactly 20 years to prepare, Shameless Pile of Stuff gives us a reboot that is Independence Day Resurgence right over here.

Independance Day

Taking Up Room gives us the delightful You’ve Got Mail. Read about it all here.


Remember to head back to our sites tomorrow for some more fabulous entries. Wishing you a great week ahead.

In a Nutshell: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

Surprisingly enjoyable….this version of Arthur‘s sword legend is good fun and very well made by Guy Ritchie. Another case of me wanting to watch something but not sure what, I randomly chose and was rewarded. Somewhere at the back of my mind I recalled negative reviews but…hmm…why??? I quite liked the incorporation of fantasy creatures in this context – it is, after all, a movie about legends. What I really enjoyed was the “narration” type sequences…these were simply superb especially the one with Arthur explaining his encounter with the Vikings. The interesting choice of soundtrack is also spot on.

As mentioned, Guy Ritchie directs with Charlie Hunnam taking on the role of Arthur, who’s sometimes a little too witty but hey…it does mostly fit. Jude Law is Vortigen, Eric Bana has a small role as Uther with Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Djimon Hounsou, Tom Wu, Aidan Gillen and a whole lot more adding to a great cast.

So, I think, forget the negative reviews out there and be entertained with pure escapism.


Home from the (Texas) Hill…

I’ve had a love/hate relationship ever since first watching this way back when on Super 8 film. Somehow I liked it yet didn’t. Not sure why. One thing was sure though, I recently “just had to” track it down for my DVD collection. And, naturally, once it arrived in my post box, I absolutely had to re-watch it. And didn’t think it too bad after all. Maybe the 20 or so years of growing up (or older) made me view it differently. Home from the Hill (1960), the movie I’m on about.


Based on the novel by William Humphrey and directed by Vincente Minnelli, it has Robert Mitchum starring as Wade Hunnicutt, the wealthiest womaniser inhabitant in the Texas town the story is set in. In his luxurious home are also wife Hannah (Eleanor Parker) and their son Theron (George Hamilton). Theron, having been his mother’s “little boy” is at a time in his life where he is curious about women and also becoming a man. Wade is keen to teach him to hunt, together with his loyal employee Rafe (George Peppard). While also learning about women from Rafe, Theron becomes more and more drawn into family politics (as well as some other problems along the way). So unfolds a family drama of note where things are quite complicated and relationships not so straightforward (if they were, we’d have no story would we?).

In a way, I do have some nostalgic memories from Home from the Hill. For example, I always had a soft spot for the name Libby purely because of the character of the same name in this movie. She’s Theron‘s first love, played by Luana Patten and such a sweet girl. And then, there’s a little confession…I’ll forever remember learning the word “flirt” from Libby and Rafe‘s (yes, Rafe, not Theron) encounter in the diner. “Are you flirting with me?” and somewhere there she bursts into tears.


So, a drama to behold. There is always something on the go in Home from the Hill. From disapproving parents to first loves to the heartbreak and sacrifices. Not bad at all. And I can definitely say, I see this (as with many movies) in a very different light these days as back when I was a teen. Great, convincing performances by Robert Mitchum, Eleanor Parker and all involved. I always had a soft spot for George Peppard‘s Rafe (or maybe it was just for George Peppard).

Just give yourself time though as this approx 2.5 hour movie never rushes the character development and events (it isn’t an action movie after all). But never boring.

Head on over to The Midnight Drive-In’s Texas Blogathon for more things Texas.