Almost Human

Almost Human…short-lived but good…

almost-humanI was going to write about Peaky Blinders for this Blogathon but I can’t keep going on and on and on about how brilliant it is (ok, I guess I could). But, change is good. And there’s another show that I thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately, as would be my luck, this one only went for one short season (2013 to 2014) and failed to get the nod for another round. What a pity. But don’t be put off by that…enjoy that one special season for what it is. Oh…hmmm…I guess I do watch more series than I suspected (and claim) after all…I always say I’m “not a series person” but I guess the odd one I do watch.

Hsmall-screen-2ere’s Almost Human…my entry to The Small Screen Blogathon hosted by Maddylovesherclassicfilms.

We’re in the future where human police officers have been teamed up with human looking androids, more specifically MX-43s. This, to get a good, supposedly effective balance of human thought processes together with the emotional detachment and superior fighting skills of androids. Paired are “old school” (read “not-at-all-happy about this) detective John Kennex – he’s the human, played by Karl Urban – with Dorian – a retired DRN model android (“dug out the storage area” but that’s not really the case), played by Michael Ealy. Huh? Yes…you see, John was initially teamed up with a fancy schmancy MX-43 but let’s just say, they had a personality clash and said android was not-so-gracefully dispatched of by allocated human partner (thus bringing the DRN into the picture). Now, the thing is, John is grumpy and fighting his own daemons which include amnesia and a prosthetic leg and really isn’t too chuffed with Dorian‘s constant advice, opinions and general input. I need to mention that Dorian and fellow DRN models were retired due to their emotional programming not being quite right for the job. The MX-43s are purely logic based partners.

Karl Urban and Michael Ealy fulfill their roles perfectly and have a superb chemistry. You’ll find yourself constantly chuckling as they bash heads due to different opinions, emotional states and outlooks on life while trying to solve various cases. Add to this duo the wonderful Mackenzie Crook  as Rudy Lom (you might know him from Pirates of the Caribbean as the pirate with the wooden eye that keeps popping out) who is the tech support/nerd/lab guy. He’s the go-to guy for all things…techie. Oh boy is he great. As miserable and gruff as John is, there’s a subtle soft spot (he’ll never admit it) there with colleague Detective Valerie Stahl (Minka Kelly). I was really sad that this didn’t get to be developed more but that was probably left for a subsequent series which we’re never to see…booohoooohoooo. Lili Taylor is Captain Sandra Maldonado who sees John for what he is while other detectives and MX-43 android models keep opposing him.

And so this team fights futuristic (actually, not too futuristic) crimes while John and Dorian become the best duo I’ve seen in a long time. Well worth watching despite the short season.