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Five Flaming Hotties

FiveFlamingHottiesNew.pngIt’s time to go back to teenie days. To be shallow. Of course this post was bound to come up at some point. I mean, I’m human after all. Besides, Realweegiemidget and I always end up on a tangent around eye candy (you can find hers here). And..based on our interactions, she thinks she knows who my five flaming hotties are…little does she know…

In fact…this post may have some entries on it that may come as a bit of a shock surprise…I’m really opening myself up for judgement here..what am I doing????? Oh well…here goes anyway….

Just to be clear though…this is about HOTTIES and not favourites. It’s for us to be shallow and have a good gaze stare drool appreciation.

Well…here we go…the five stars (screen and I’ve taken the liberty of one musician and one sportsman) that feature on my hotties list…in no particular order..oops, wait…just to warn you…you may think I’m nuts (if you didn’t already) but we all have our moments:

Sizzling number 5: I’d seen him around a few times but was only really introduced to him in The Bourne Supremacy. I seem to be the one who never “falls” for the lead. He’s the only one I noticed despite his small-ish role. He’s just fine to look at. And has a cheeky, mischievous smile. What more should I say? Here’s Karl Urban:


Flaming 4: Let me say this…I support(ed) any team which has this goalie. Where were we introduced? Who knows? Some World Cup or other match. Not sure. Don’t really care. Just that in the crowd, of all the players, my eyes zoned into this one. As is the case with hotties…can’t say what the appeal is…it’s just there. May I introduce Diego Benaglio


Gorgeous 3: Here I’m allowing myself a woman who I think is absolutely beautiful and if I was a male, would deem her “hot”…

The first role I’d seen her in was Serendipity and her role, her screen presence came across as genuine and real which made her appearance even prettier. Then came Underworld…oh my…she’s just so stunning (and let’s face it, hot). I wish I could pull off leathers like she does. So, why do I like her…purely because of her looks and the roles she takes on. Kate Beckinsale


Oh gosh…I really need to think who I should put down…uhm, Fassben…no, Gregory Pe…uhm,  oh…Daniel Cr… you go….

Hottie number 2: This is the one you didn’t see coming. There’s just something about this man. Oh swoon. I was even in the front of the concert…for those of you who know him, here’s my hottie Richard Z. Kruspe

I “met” him on the cover of a CD. Something just appealed. Not sure what and why. Then along came the live show DVDs (see, so, I’ll just say it is film in some form) and just like that I was a goner…there’s just something about him. His stage presence. The way he holds himself while playing that guitar. Don’t they say…there’s something about guitarists? Well, even if they don’t…I have something for guitarists.


Which makes the last hunk I can pick…whew…this is really hard…but let me go with the man I’ve always liked to watch since my teenage days. He was my crush since I spotted him in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and to this day I have a soft spot for him. His voice…there’s a gruff softness, his looks, and despite his wild past (supposedly) he still comes across as nice. Of course it is…Christian Slater


Hmmm…I seem to have a trend going looking at it. I would have added Shane West to the mix too…if I was going for an all-male lineup…


maybe James Marsden too…

James Marsden2

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Crushing on Will Scarlett and Lucky Luciano

Before I begin, a disclaimer: I hold no responsibility whatsoever for my mush-brain and resulting behaviour as a teenager. Ok…now that we’ve cleared that I hopefully won’t freak you or the actor in question out…

Will Scarlett was my first crush! And I mean B.I.G Crush. Although, technically I may have been two-timing with Lucky Luciano. These men seduced me…unconditionally. But it was more than that. As happens so often with crushes they too influenced this innocent teenager. But in a good way. They got me onto more modern movies. And so, 25 years later I still have an eeny teeny tiny little crush left for these two men…because its not so much the actor but the character being portrayed who you really fall in love with and also because first loves are special. These characters were played by a 22 year old Christian Slater (oh no! I hear the current teenagers say, he’s soooooo old!).

As a young girl we didn’t have a television out of choice and rather experienced the joy of Super 8 movies that had been thrown out by rental stores when Videos came out. Up to that point I looked up to (both literally and figuratively) the likes of Andrew Craig (Paul Newman of The Prize) and Lewt McCanles (Gregory Peck in Duel in the Sun) gracing our white-painted lounge wall on Friday nights. But not really in a crush sort of way. That was all about to change. That fateful day I met Will Scarlett was my father’s doing. He’d had enough of the “old” movies and took us out to the cinema as he was in the mood for a Kevin Costner movie he’d heard about. And so it was that Will changed my world (yes, yes, my father did so but swoon, this is a crush blog after all). You see, by watching Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) I was introduced to the world of “current” movies and young modern actors whom, quite frankly, given my age I should have been drooling over anyway.

How did I meet him? Quite unexpectedly (always the case, right?) at the movies. Popcorn and cooldrink in hand I settled in with Mom and Dad on either side (how often do you get to meet a hot guy with your parents there?). Then, I was caught off-guard and barely managed to keep up – a trailer with some smooth, sexy man came and went. Hmmm, not bad (casual tone). Huh? Not bad??? Wow…hang on, he was hot! And what do you know…the same man appears in the main feature. A clear case of totally besotted at first sight. Swoon. Blush (I swear my parents could feel the heat pulsing off my cheeks). ChristianSlaterRobinHoodAs is often still the case today, I fell in love with the bad boy supporting character (Only these days I don’t fall in love, I just enjoy those roles more. Ok, ok, so I still like looking but it’s different now). Like a bumbling teenager (which I guess I was) I gazed at the screen waiting for any opportunity to see Will Scarlett, hoping for him to become the hero, yet knowing it could never be. But that’s fine. Less need to share him then. Finally, the credits…ah Christian Slater. I think. You know that typical scenario where you’re trying to find out who that good looking actor is but you’re not really sure what his character’s name was because true as Bob, it was a) never mentioned b) you missed it or c) your eyes can’t keep up with the speed of the credits? I just had to get his number, agh, I meant his name. I was a goner. My Super 8 men just didn’t cut it anymore so I cold-heartedly dumped them. It’s not you, it’s me I told them. And it was me. I so needed to get with the times. The next day was a blur…that head-in-the-clouds-totally-infatuated-dreamy-blur. As tentatively as if he were a real guy at school I asked my friends about Christian Slater not quite managing to say his name though (I am holding my head in my hands, shaking it in shame at this point – teenagers – what is it with the way their brains are wired?). I just wanted to talk about the new man in my (movie) life. Problem was, all my friends were into the guys of Beverly Hills 90210, Brad, Keanu and Richard (remember Richard Grieco?) and weren’t interested in watching Robin Hood and Co. Yet I couldn’t take my mind of Will Scarlett as I kept re-playing his scenes in my head. I mean, who needs to concentrate on math? In hindsight I’m so glad those were the days before easy access to internet for a visual fix of said hunk. I had to wait for the monthly teenage magazine to be released and hope like hell it had a picture of him in it because like my friends, the teenage magazines weren’t into the same guys I was into. Oh, but that was half the fun! Rare things tend to have a more valuable status don’t they?

But…it’s complicated. It always is, isn’t it? Will was a nice guy yet I’d also met Lucky Luciano. I’d caught a glimpse of him during the trailers at the Robin Hood screening remember? I now couldn’t wait for Mobsters to be released (Why is it that movies you wait for have so many release delays? For torture purposes? Or purely to antagonise teenage girls?). Mobsters4_bOooh, he’s the leading man this time round. I was suffering from a double-crush right from the second I laid eyes on Lucky Luciano. While Mobsters wasn’t, and still isn’t, rated as one of the best movies, it had, and still has a special spot for me (I wonder why???). Back then, I even managed to get a huge movie poster from the video store up the road (I went past there every day waiting for them to take it down. Not that anyone wanted it anyway. But they might have thrown it out). Having Lucky Luciano look over me while I slept and did homework was something and I didn’t even notice the other three characters in the poster. I would have cut them out but these poster people didn’t think of me when they took the shot. How inconsiderate. What am I supposed to do with a partial poster? Couldn’t they just have had the important guy on the front and printed the other three on the back?

I’ve now had another look at Will and Lucky pictures and I’m not sure why they were my crush then but they were and served their purpose. It was fun and part of being a teenager. And great to look back on those days with a smile on my face. (Ok, I admit, even today Christian Slater still looks good in said roles – he’s just way too young for me these days)