Colours Blogathon

The Colours Blogathon…a few more entries

Yaaay…it isn’t over yet. I’ve received another entry (that I totally missed on WordPress but found on Twitter…note to self…visit Twitter more often)…HUGE apology for that. A few more are in the pipeline so be sure to come back here during the course of the week.

Here is The Thin Blue Line that sounds really, really interesting and I can’t wait to watch it. Thank you Sometimes they Go to Eleven and a HUGE apology for missing your post.

Maddylovesherclassicfilms gives us the passion, dedication and sacrifice of the world of ballet in The Red Shoes.



The Colours Blogathon: Thank You

It has been a wonderfully colourful weekend…and for this I thank you! To all of you who have posted and read, to absolutely everyone who has headed my way for the Blogathon…a great big…

Thank You!

I’ve loved each and every colourful post. And, oh, to discover new movies is absolutely awesome…thank you…there are so many colours that I have now added to my To Watch list.

If you missed some of the posts… here is the “live” Blogathon page that has all the colourful entries listed. And, if you still want to send a post my way…feel free to do so.



The future is bleak with Soylent Green

Soylent_greenIt has been at least 20 years since I’ve watched Soylent Green (1973). Probably longer. But, it has never left my mind, especially watching world population rise at an alarming rate, climate change impact us more and more and on and on. Why? Because, although Soylent Green might look dated (very 70s decor), the reality is still very, very real. Scarily so. And…we’re not so far from 2022, the year this story takes place. Maybe we’re already living that world…or close.

Based on a novel by Harry Harrison, the world is overcrowded (New York City 40 million people), most food resources have been depleted (most resources of any kind in fact), the greenhouse effect is in full swing and the world is in a dire state. Detective Thorn (Charlton Heston) investigates the murder of a wealthy businessman Simonson (Joseph Cotton) (yes, there will always be those who manage to get their hands on a small piece of beef or a real apple, soap, hot water and all the other luxuries) who happens to have worked for the Soylent company. The company that has launched a new food replacement product called Soylent Green. It is supposedly meant to be sourced from the oceans and therefore to contain more protein (and it does, in a warped way) than the other soylent coloured plastic food chips. With the help of friend Sol (Edward G. Robinson), Thorn uncovers the truth behind this highly in-demand product.


I won’t tell you what the green food source is ultimately made of but trust me, I often wonder (well, not often, but when I do wonder, my thoughts come back to this one) when we will get to that point. And how much longer food will be in the form that we know it. And what will happen with us all in this alarming rate of population growth. The signs are all there already but let’s not go down this road in a movie blogathon.

So, yes, you’ll notice the dated “modern” setup (I love that pacman-type arcade machine that is meant to appear futuristic – no way, it is far from it) but put that aside and it is a good movie. I’m not a big fan of the current dystopian movie trend but this gives a different view of the world as it may soon be. Being Edward G. Robinson‘s last role it always strikes me as being a bit weird that he as character Sol (spoiler alert) decides he’s had enough and decides to exit the world. The scene in which he carries out this process always feels awkward knowing that he actually passed away two weeks after filming Soylent Green.


It’s a Colourful Day…a Colourful Blogathon Day…

…without further ado…let the waiting be over…and the colours start splashing…


It feels like forever since I announced it but here are the entries. Thanks to those contributing posts and thanks to those reading them. I can’t wait to read all the colourful thoughts. I’ve had some early birds and really  had to restrain myself from kicking off the Blogathon early…I was that excited.

Send any colourful posts you have my way…even spur-of-the-moment ones. Anything with a colour in the title welcome even if you didn’t sign up.

Please come back during the course of the next two days as I’ll be updating the list below as often as possible.

Click on the movie name to read the post…

Day 1:

Yellow3 demandedcriticalreviews brings you a wonderfully  psychedelic Yellow Submarine
BlueGrey MovieRob presents the first movie that came to his mind on announcing the Colours Blogathon – The Blue and the Gray.
Red1 Cinematic Scribblings presents Raise the Red Lantern, a movie that promises to be excellent.
Yellow2 MovieRob can’t resist an movie he’d watched over and over in the 80s. Here’s Yellowbeard.
water drops on red Taking on my favourite genre, colour and childhood hero, here’s MovieRob with Red River.
White02 MovieRob gives us a movie about rising up and aiming to be a champion despite the prejudices in The Great White Hope.
Gold3 Movie Movie Blog Blog shares a wonderful Charlie Chaplin comedy that is The Gold Rush.
Purple03 One that sounds absolutely wonderful…another by MovieRob. Here’s Purple Violets.
Pink01 Love Letters to Old Hollywood gives us a delightful post on The Pink Panther. (And I’m sure, like me, you’ve now got the theme motif going through your mind).
Red The Midnite Drive-In brings us WW III with an action-packed Red Dawn (the 1984 version)
Black MovieRob is making a week of it (thank you) and keeps us on the edge of the seat with Black Book.
Red2 Gorgonzola or Roquefort…definitely time to watch and learn with The Blonde Screwball and her review of Red Dust.
Blue The Stop Button presents Devil in a Blue Dress and tells us the things that work and those that, unfortunately, don’t in what had such great potential.
Green Green isn’t what it seems with Thoughts All Sorts‘ post on Soylent Green.
Blue02 I’m (Thoughts All Sorts) going to be cheeky and re-share one of my favourite movies Le Grand Bleu (The Big Blue).
Blue03 Tranquil Dreams presents us with a delightful sounding Blue Jay. Thanks for sending this our way…if you hadn’t misplaced your White Oleander DVD we wouldn’t have known about this one.
Chocolate Realweegiemidget Reviews just can’t resist this substance…the real or the visual. She writes about the sweetness of Chocolat.
Dark red glitter texture For some gorgeous visuals from the fun Red Riding Hood brought to you by It Came from the Man Cave!
Red9 For superb animation and an Oscar-worthy nomination, head on over to Rhyme and Reason for The Red Turtle.

Day 2:

White01 Crítica Retrô mysteriously brings us blackmail and intrigue with The Woman in White.
Blue07 The Blue Bird, a wonderful sounding (looking?) silent gem is presented by Silent-ology.
Blue08.jpg dbmoviesblog shares a French cult classic with us. Head on over to be tempted by Betty Blue.
Black02 Sat In Your Lap takes a look at an early Bogart movie that may still have a little relevance today with Black Legion.
Black03 Lifesdailylessonsblog brings us some interesting facts both about the real events and the movie with Black Hawk Down.
Gold2 Pure Entertainment Preservation Society presents us with a delightful, solid piece of gold in The Solid Gold Cadillac.
Colours To end day two, here’s MovieRob with The Color of Night.

The Colours Blogathon

8 & 9 September 2017

A Colourful Reminder…


…that it’s almost time to bring all your colours for

The Colours Blogathon

8 & 9 September 2017


It’s not too late to join in. Anything colourful goes. In any language. And I’m happy to push the boundaries…chocolate and rose are colours in my book.

Here’s the original post…Announcing the Colours Blogathon

Announcing the Colours Blogathon

UPDATE: For the “Live” version…head on over here... It’s a Colourful Day…a Colourful Blogathon Day…


I’ve been blogging for just over 2 years now and become addicted to Blogathons. I think it is high time I brave the hosting side of it. So…here you go:

The Colours Blogathon

8  &  9 September 2017

Megaphone2I know I’m early with announcing but I’m sooooo excited. Have another one in mind but I’ll just have to restrain myself for a few more months.

There are so many movies with a colour forming part of the title. Hence, the rule is simple: pick a movie that has a colour forming part of the title and share your thoughts. In any language. So, ‘Moulin Rouge’ would be perfectly acceptable. I’ll also accept ‘Gold’ or ‘Golden’ as colours. Likewise “Rose” will be accepted. So, I’m pretty open to colour interpretations.

Once you’ve made your selection (there are lots and lots to choose from, believe it or not), let me know which colourful title you’ve chosen together with your Blog name and URL. I’ll put you on the roster and look forward to reading your entry. Oh, and pick a banner from those below (or be colourful and create your own). I’m open to duplicates (we all have different views) as long as there aren’t too many of the same.






Here are the colourful entries so far:

Thoughts All Sorts – Soylent Green (1973)

realweegiemidget – Chocolat (2000)

Tranquil Dreams – White Oleander (2002)

Maddylovesherclassicfilms – The Red Shoes (1948)

Cinematic Scribblings – Raise the Red Lantern (1991)

Sean Munger – The Thin Red Line (1998)

Charlene’s (Mostly) Classic Movie Reviews – The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)

Blog of the Darned – Porco Rosso (1992) (The Crimson Pig)

Moon in Gemini – Purple Moon (1960)

The Midnite Drive-In – Red Dawn (1984)

Moody Moppet – A Clockwork Orange (1971)

The Stop Button – Devil in a Blue Dress (1995)

Crítica Retrô – Woman in White (1948)

dbmoviesblog – Betty Blue (1986)

demandedcriticalreviews – Yellow Submarine (1968)

Love Letters to Old Hollywood – The Pink Panther (1963)

The Wonderful World of Cinema – The Blue Gardenia (1953)

Sat In Your Lap – Black Legion (1937)

Anybody Got a Match – The Man With The Golden Arm (1955)

Silen-tology – The Blue Bird (1918)

Pure Entertainment Preservation Society – The Solid Gold Cadillac (1957)

In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood – On Golden Pond (1981)

Movie Movie Blog Blog – The Gold Rush (1925)

It Came From the Man Cave! – Red Riding Hood (2011)

Rhyme and Reason – The Red Turtle (2016)

Sometimes they go to Eleven – The Thin Blue Line

The Blonde Screwball – Red Dust (1932)

Lifesdailylessonsblog – Black Hawk Down (2001)