Double Duo Blogathon

Double Duo…Paul Newman & Robert Redford

IMG_20170803_104349Double…because I’m looking at two movies in particular.

Duo…because this duo featured in the “Double” from above.

Yes, Paul Newman and Robert Redford starred in two movies together (as a duo).

And that’s what The Flapper Dame and Phyllis Loves Classic Movies offer us in their latest Blogathon…two actors who made two movies together.

I was introduced to this pair in the wonderful The Sting (here). They had this natural rapport that seemed to translate from their personal connection to the screen. Well, so I think. Two people who don’t get along surely can’t portray such on screen…although, I guess they are actors. (I’ve just read that they really did get along well…this definitely shows).

Anyway…moving along…to The Sting (1973). This superb con-artist classic had me hooked on both actors from the word Go. It was (is) simply wonderful. We have Henry Gondorff (Newman) “mentoring” small-time conman Johnny Hooker (Redford) and together they set up this intricate and utterly convincing scam in the name of revenge. To watch it all  unfold is sheer pleasure and I still fall for the con each and every time I watch it. Well, almost.

True to my nature, I immediately had to see if they’d done any additional work together. So I came across Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) (well, I’d heard of it but way back as a youngster hadn’t taken much notice of it). And wow, here again, they work so well together as two bank robbers on the run. Interesting is that I believe this is where they initially met. The founding of their friendship that would last a lifetime (I do stand to be corrected).

Just look at this handsome duo above. There’s friendship shown in both of the sets of roles. Together with this cheekiness that comes through so naturally. Like they’re not even trying. They’re just being themselves. Now that always makes for great viewing. If you haven’t seen this duo in action, I suggest you give these two movies a go.