Faun’s latest delights…

…ah, what a feeling when you discover a band has released an album without you being aware of it (or rather, you weren’t aware there was one coming out and voila, you find it). It means it is a total surprise and you didn’t have to wait and wait.

Here is the new album from German band Faun. As the album name, Märchen & Mythen, suggests, their songs are fairy tale and myth themed.

I absolutely love the sound of Hagazussa:

This one, Seemann is also pretty cool (aren’t all of them though?):

Thalia is also lovely:

As always, happy listening. And for my favourite, head on here: Musical Notes: Federkleid (Faun)

Musical Notes: Federkleid (Faun)

German band Faun has such a wonderful repertoire of pieces. Perfect for ending off this week is Federkleid. Here you go…hope you enjoy it as much as I do…love the tempo, the melody and especially those wonderful chord progressions. I’ve listened to it back-to-back a few times now. Love it.