Godless…simply brilliant

Well…where should I even start…other than say “Watch it!”. And soon….wow…what a ride…

Ok, well maybe I need to take a quick step back and put a warning out there…this is not one for the faint hearted (well, the first episode definitely is the most brutal of the lot). I must admit that after having finished the first episode I was a bit nervous about the rest but yet, the brilliance of what I’d just seen had the remaining episodes just begging to be watched. And…think me strange…I loved it so much that I put off the last episode (with difficulty) because I just didn’t want it all to end.

Oh…what am I on about…have a look (this is not my video and belongs to Rotten Tomatoes TV):

This 6 episode “mini-series” has Roy Goode (played by an actor I’d admittedly never hear of before, Jack O’Connell) leaving Frank Griffin’s (Jeff Daniels is soooo scary here) violent gang, resulting in said gang tracking down the former protégé and brilliant gunslinger. This on it’s own wouldn’t be so bad, but it is the violence and destruction that is left wherever they go. Even more so when a town or person has aided Roy (even by just letting him ride through).

This relentless chase leads (via some other stops of course) to the town of La Belle which has its own problems: the entire town is made up of women and children due to a mine accident that claimed the lives of all bar a handful of men. And the word is out, attracting all sorts of unsavory opportunists. Trying to keep things together are Sheriff Bill McNue (Scoot McNairy), deputy Whitey (Thomas Brodie-Sangster has sure grown up since Love, Actually) and holding her own to keep the town in check, Mary Agnes (Merritt Wever). And then there’s “outcast” Alice (Michelle Dockery first coming to my attention the other day in The Gentlemen) who keeps to herself with her son, mother-in-law and a herd of horses. Oh, and a group of Civil War veterans trying to keep out of everyone’s way. Of course, all of the La Belle inhabitants as well as passers-through (although, some tend to outstay their welcome) add a vital role.

Each character’s individual story pulls you in as little by little the pieces start coming together. You’ll want to know how it all turns out for them. If their hopes and dreams turn out for the best. And while wondering this you’ll start to realise that this isn’t going to be all wonderful and happy because just as you start to relax a little, you’re reminded of the monster that is Frank Griffin. He’s always there…waiting on the edge of your screen, having you wonder what atrocity he’ll (unflinchingly) commit next. This means that it can only come to a head in a spectacular (but of course brutal) showdown.

Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. Definitely going to re-watch it very soon. Just after I finish my post on The English, another superb mini-series (which I want to re-watch just as soon).