Musical Notes: A Trip down memory lane with Kim Wilde’s Cambodia

Wow…I’d totally forgotten about this one and then it just appeared on a vintage music channel. And bam! I remembered it…very fondly. It took me back to school days and the days of my father’s massive vinyl collection (although, to me, simply “records”). And finally, blaring in my car these days:

Gosh, how music videos have changed over the years. I honestly didn’t even realise they were made back then, so it is quite fun checking them out these days. Ah, the 80s…what great times!

Happy Listening.

Oh…and I came across her with Nena providing some more 80s nostalgia albeit with a more recent performance together..perfect to start this Friday:


Musical Notes: Pretender (Foo Fighters)

Some music for this Friday. Have a wonderful weekend.

I was first “attracted” to this piece not by the song (which I think is pretty cool) but by the awesome music video. Not sure why, but there’s just something about that “water explosion” (3.28) …watch and enjoy.