Costumes and all the drama..

220px-Plunkett_&_Macleane…yep, we’re looking at costuming up within a costume drama…and some drama it is…with highway robbers and damsels (definitely not in distress). Let me introduce Plunkett & Macleane (1999). One of my favourites (thank you Paul).

Ah, what a wonderful movie. Plunkett (Robert Carlyle) and Macleane (Jonny Lee Miller) encounter each other one dark and dreary night during some grave robbing ruby retrieving activities. And what a perfect pair of (gentlemen) highwaymen they become…Macleane’s former socialite statues gets him back amongst the wealthy while Plunkett’s criminal know-how… well, you get the basic scenario. Add Lady Rebecca Gibson (Liv Tyler), who’s star-struck by our pair (well, one in particular) and finds it all quite daring and so much more exciting than being the prim and proper niece of powerful Lord Gibson (Michael Gambon). And definitely more adventurous than being “courted” by halitosis suffering General Chance (Ken Stott) who’s always (mostly) one step behind getting the pair behind bars. Ensuring some wonderful entertainment, Lord Rochester (Alan Cumming) and his cronies just round it all off. Especially on the costume side of things:


“You forget something. I have morals” Oh please! The morals are long gone. Targeting the rich…not for the poor but for the grand plan of going across to America. For new beginnings. And gosh, the quotes are just wonderful. Actually, the whole movie is just great but if I tell you anything more you’re going to miss out on this gem (hmmm, no pun intended).

With a gentleman highwayman, ruby births (you’ll understand), gallows and balls…what more could you possibly want? Oh, you even get the costumes and the drama (and lots of comedy). I highly recommend.

Let the fireworks begin! Have fun! PlunkettMacleane8

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In a Nutshell: Plunkett & Macleane (1999)

It has been ages since I’ve had so much fun watching a movie. The witty dialogue, great acting all accompanied by the perfect mix of music makes this absolutely brilliant.

Plunkett, the one with a criminal background, and Macleane, the “socialite”, are thrown together by circumstance and so begins their career as the Gentlemen Highwaymen. The plan: through Macleane‘s connections they’ll target the appropriate victims to fund their journey to America for a new start. Throw in a dose of corruption, back-stabbing and romance and you’ve got yourself one hell of a movie.

Jonny Lee Miller and Robert Carlyle (both from Trainspotting) are the perfect pair of “gentlemen” (or not). Liv Tyler is Lady Rebecca and Alan Cumming couldn’t have been better cast as Lord Rochester who “swings everywhere”. Ah, I have to laugh! Michael Gambon, Ken StottTommy Flanagan and a whole lot of familiar faces add to the fun.